Farlane Systems Inc. provides management and technology consulting services to both public and private sector clients.  Our company’s focus is on providing leading edge capability in the areas of Enterprise Architecture and Enterprise Risk Management.  We deliver our services directly and through channel partners including Armstrong Process Group, Conexiam, TRM Technologies, and BP&M Consulting.


Our Services

Business Design


Our business design services develop integrated solutions to complex problems addressing value, risk, opportunity, and cost.  We specialize in design for public sector enterprise, social business, and corporate social responsibility problems, where both value and cost are often non-monetary

Business Strategy and Transformation


Our business strategy and transformation services support our clients through the entire transformation process from understanding the opportunity, through developing actionable strategy, through the implementation of that strategy.

Risk Management


Our risk management services help our clients identify, assess, and mitigate operational risks.  We specialize in technology risk and cybersecurity.  We focus on helping our clients establish sustainable risk management practices.

Enterprise Architecture Capability Development


Our enterprise architecture capability development services are built on our business design and business strategy and transformation services to help our clients establish or mature their enterprise architecture capability.   Our extensive experience in enterprise architecture and enterprise architecture program design provide our clients with the ability to kick start the transition to a new level of enterprise architecture maturity.

Technology Strategy and Portfolio Management


Our technology strategy and portfolio management services support our clients through the development of their technology strategies and investment plans.  We help our clients understand and manage their technology portfolio and its alignment with business value.  We also help our clients develop performance measures an assessment processes to guide investment decisions and the evolution of their technology portfolio.

Public Policy Innovation and Design


Our public policy innovation and design services bring governments, business, academic, and not for profit sectors together to tackle persistent problems in society.  Our public policy innovation and design services view the public policy environment as a complex multi-actor enterprise. We apply our business design capability to the public policy environment to provide robust, evidenced based policy recommendations.

Training Solutions


We provide customized training services in support of our Security Risk Management and Enterprise Architecture Capability Development.


We also provide TOGAF® certification training through our channel partners

Program and Project Management


Our project management services help our clients realize benefits from their program and project activities.

Research Management


Our research management services provide a bridge between the research community and the demand from both business and government for research capability. We understand the research process and how to integrate research with the operational and strategic needs of business.  We coordinate the acquisition of research funding and provide the project management to ensure the needs of the researchers, sponsors, and consumers are addressed.